The dream is over

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve fought with Uber, Vodafone, HDFC and Paytm customer care executives.

That’s how I spend my free time. Call customer care executives whose jobs are a daily reminder of the death of their dreams, and fight with them. But hello, my dreams are dying too.

I dream of paying Uber only when I sit in their car, not when the driver starts the trip while still being 5 minutes away. I admire the driver for being a free spirit, but not at my expense.

I’ve had issues with almost every service provider whose app is on my phone. The internet of the 90s promised freedom and equality and a level playing field. But humans run the internet and they don’t stand for those ideals. My hope now is that the digital revolution undoes itself and we go back to the basics. You used to call me on my cellphone, now I can’t wait for you to call me on my landline.

One of those HDFC executives actually hung up on me. And that’s my problem: there seems to be this new environment where no one cares. Customer care people don’t care because their bosses don’t care, who probably don’t care because the boss of all bosses, the government doesn’t care. When the class monitor himself talks, how will he ask the naughty kids to keep quiet?

I really did go back to the 90s with that one.

But life’s not all bad. So here’s a picture of a jalebi.



I ordered some from my neighbourhood halwai yesterday after I saw Momina Mustehsan having doodh-jalebi on her Instagram post.

That’s how desire works no? You end up wanting the thing you didn’t know you wanted because you saw someone else enjoying it.

The dream is over

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